Medrese of Abulkosim-sheikh

Medrese of Abulkosim-sheikh, TashkentThe madrasah Abulkosim-sheikh was named after Abulkosym-khan who was a great highbrow, very honorable and popular among the people. Abulkosym had spent 30 thousand gold coins to build this madrasah and till his death in 1892, every year, he was paying for education of 150 students. Among these students there was a popular Uzbek poet – Abdulla Kodiriy.

The building of madrasah had begun in XIX century. The researches of the building had shown that it planned to be a 1-storied building, and the second floor’s building began only in the second part of XIX century. In the second floor there are a lot of hujrahs – the rooms where the students lived.

In the workshop of Abulkosim madrassah, TashkentNowadays here you can see a permanent exposition of arts and crafts of Uzbekistan where there are works of craftsmen of all the regions of the country, and in khujrahs there are workshops of painters, woodcarvers and ceramists. Here you can also buy any product of their arts.

Here there is also a headquarters of “Oltin Meros” (The Golden Heritage) International found which was created for the support and development of folk-crafts, and traditions of art and culture of Uzbek people.

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