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Shahidlar Khotirasi - in memory of the victims of repression

The Shahidlar Khotirasi Memorial Complex, which translated means “In Memory of the Victims of Repression,” was built in 2000. Visually, the complex can be divided into three parts: this is the central part - the Rotunda with a memorial stone. Another part of the territory is a square and a museum dedicated to the memory of victims of repression. And the third part is the water zone, where the architects very successfully designed the natural bend of the river, deepened it a little, making it more elegant. The rotunda is made in a traditional oriental style, the turquoise corrugated dome rests on 8 marble columns. On the inside there is an inscription in three languages - Arabic, English and Uzbek:

“The memory of those who died for their fatherland will live forever.” In the central part of the rotunda there is a symbolic tombstone oriented towards Mecca.

This complex is dedicated to the memory of the victims of repressions of 1937-1953. during the Stalinist regime. In the former USSR, Uzbekistan ranked 3rd in terms of the number of repressions after Russia and Ukraine. The best part of the Uzbek intelligentsia was destroyed - poets, scientific writers, actors, engineers; they were accused of non-existent espionage and connections with counterintelligence. For the period from 1937 to 1953. Over 14,000 people were shot, convicted and exiled to camps throughout the USSR - about 118,000 people. Among the victims are such outstanding personalities as Abdullah Kadiri, Fitrat, Chulpon, Hamza.

August 31, 2002 On the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the museum “In Memory of the Victims of Repression” was opened. August 31 in Uzbekistan is the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Repression and people come here to worship. The museum is located under a light blue dome, has many window openings and interior lighting. There is only one hall, its exhibits are mainly documents and photographs. You can inspect it if you wish.