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Chorsu Market

The Chorsu market is not just the largest and richest shopping center in the city, but also the embodiment of all the legends about the Ancient East. It is known that the market on Chorsu Square already existed in the 16th century. When it arose and what it was called at first is unknown. Later it received the name “Kosh Bozor” (Double Bazaar). As was customary in the East, this bazaar was a place of trade, handicraft production, and also the center of all news. The Old City Bazaar has gathered around itself a huge number of caravanserais, workshops and artisans' quarters. One of the largest caravanserais was located in close proximity to the market and hosted traders from India.

In the 20th century The territory of the bazaar was completely reconstructed and acquired a modern appearance, however, this did not prevent the market from organically fitting into the ensemble of architectural monuments of the 16th-18th centuries. Among them: Kukeldash madrasah, Jami mosque and Khoja Ahrar madrasah.

The modern Chorsu Bazaar is a pleasant addition to the beautiful architecture of the old city. Plunging into the whirlpool of aromas of spices, fruits and oriental sweets, you can linger here for more than one hour.