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Bunyodkor Square - Friendship of Peoples

Bunyodkor Square (the former name of Friendship of Peoples) is one of the most modern squares of our city, which was formed after the Tashkent earthquake of 1966. The dominant feature of this square is the cinema and concert Palace “Friendship of Peoples”, built in 1981 by architects Rozanov and Shestopalov.

This building resembles a reconstruction of archaeological finds such as Varakhsha, Kampir-Kala, it is square, centric and decorated equally on all four sides.

The palace hall has a capacity of 4,200 seats. The interior decoration is very rich, in the lobby there are 3 panels made of natural stones, made using the Florentine mosaic technique: “Friendship of Peoples”, “Holiday” and “Blooming Land” (made by the famous mosaic master Bukharbaev).

This unique building is designed to host both official ceremonial events (meetings, symposiums) and entertainment events (concerts, performances). The hall is equipped with equipment that simultaneously translates text into 8 languages.

There is a metro station on the square called Druzhby Narodov - now Bunyodkor. On the left side of the square is the Almazar district. On the right is Chilanzar, the largest residential area that grew after the earthquake. It is also called Tashkent “Cheryomushki”; ¼ of the total population of Tashkent lives there. Turning around, we see a large avenue named after Furkat leading to the Old City and in the future it abuts the round turquoise building of the Tashkent Circus.

Once upon a time the city consisted of 4 dakhas - Shaikhantaur, Sebzar, Kukchi and Beshegoch. The square is located in one of the oldest buildings in our city - Beshegoch. Peoples' Friendship Square is surrounded by representative multi-storey residential and administrative buildings, among which the high-rise building - the Interbank Center - stands out. This is where the Halklar Dustligi street of the same name as the square originates, one of the youngest and busiest. More than a thousand years ago, one of the roads of the Great Silk Road, leading from Samarkand to Tashkent, passed in its place.

Caravans that did not have time to pass through the city gates before sunset stopped here in a suburban village for the night. For many years this space was occupied by adobe houses and vegetable gardens. And in 1966, here, along the newly paved route, tent cities of construction workers appeared one after another, arriving from different parts of the Soviet Union to revive Tashkent, destroyed by the earthquake. This is how the new square and street got the name of Friendship of Peoples - Khalklar Dustligi.