Tashkent Hotels

Mustakillik Square

The building of the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater named after. Alisher Navoi was built in 1947. It is unique in that it is the first building planned on the territory of Tashkent. In the 30s A competition was announced for the construction of this building. Architects from almost all republics of the Soviet Union took part in it. 47 of the best projects were presented to the government and the selection process took a whole month. As a result, the project of Academician Shchusev was chosen. This famous Soviet architect designed Lenin's Mausoleum, Kazansky Station, and many Moscow Metro stations.

On a red granite pedestal there is a globe with the outline of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This symbolizes the recognition of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the world community.

Below it is a monument to the Happy Mother. A simple Uzbek woman with a child in her arms is a symbol of the Motherland, life and wisdom. This monument symbolizes hope for a great future for Uzekistan.